August 2014

Hosie Miller, a farmer in Baker County, was shot in the back by a neighboring farmer, Cal Hall, Jr. Some of Hall's cows had wandered onto Miller's property. According to the results of an FBI investigation, Hall tried to take one of Miller's cows and

James Brazier James C. Brazier, a husband and father, a 31-year-old striver who worked two and sometimes three jobs, spent most of his Sunday, April 20, 1958, as he usually did: with his extended family, in church, in Terrell County in rural southwest Georgia. The Brazier

| By Taylor Madgett | “They Done Killed A.C.”: The Death of Justice in Macon On October 13, 1962, at around 9:30 p.m., seventeen-year-old A.C. Hall left the Middle Georgia Veterans Club in Macon, GA, with his friend Eloise Franklin and began walking to their homes. They stopped in the

Weeks of tension between police and residents of the Perry Homes housing project in northwest Atlanta peaked on September 13, 1958, when several hundred residents protested police handling of a suspect. By the time the confrontation was over, Officer W.O. Dempsey had shot Joseph H.

| By Erica Sterling | A Man whose Death Inspired the Teenager who Led the Movement Maceo Snipes must have felt a great sense of pride after he cast his first vote in the contentious 1946 Democratic primary for governor. Like many black World War II veterans,

Dr. Thomas H. Brewer was Columbus's most prominent civil rights activist and the founder of the city's NAACP chapter. He was instrumental in supporting Primus King in the King v. Chapman litigation that led federal courts to strike down Georgia's all-white primary. He was also

| By Mary Claire Kelly |  Little more than a month after he brutally and fatally beat James Brazier, Police Officer Weyman Burchle Cherry was still on duty, patrolling the black neighborhoods during the night shift in Dawson, Terrell County. At about 1:30 a.m. on May

Mattie Green, a 32-year-old mother of six, died from the impact of a bomb that exploded under her family's home on May 19, 1960, in Ringgold. Her husband and son were both injured in the explosion. Although Gov. Ernest Vandiver posted a $500 reward for